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Welcome to Dirty-Sixth,
modern British BBQ,
best served Dirty.

Burgers, ribs, cocktails, good vibes. Experience it in our Surrey pub, or order to cook at home in your PJs. Both options are cosy and tasty as hell. We do it all.

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We are Dirty-Sixth, disruptors, innovators, meat slingers. Our purpose is to deliver incredible experiences, and barbecue is the method. We respect tradition, but we strive to be different. We want to surprise, to evolve, to blow some shit up. 

We are globe-trotting magpies, pillaging ideas, recipes and flavours from places we go and people we meet, and smashing them all together like a mad meaty Frankenstein’s monster. We are 100%, real-deal, wood-fired, big bad barbecue pitmasters. Smoke, wood, meat, fire. It’s our way of life.

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Go on, you know you want to get involved. Hit the button to head to our online shop and take your pick of our smokey delights.

Our Pit-masters smoke all of our products low 'n' slow in our off-set smokers, packed ready for you to heat easily & tuck in at home..

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