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We are Dirty Sixth, a spectacular estate of rebellious pubs. A modern reinvention of the British institution; the public house, realised for the 21st century. Our purpose is to deliver incredible hospitality experiences. Barbecue is the method. We respect tradition but strive to be different.  We are 100%, real-deal, wood-fired, barbecue pitmasters. This is our speciality, this is our art, this is our reason for being. Our influence is global. We are globe-trotting magpies, pillaging ideas, recipes and flavours from places we visit and people we meet. Our passion is fire, Why? Everything just tastes better cooked over wood. It’s a seasoning, a flavour profile, every bit as instrumental in producing amazing food as salt, fat, acid and heat - our method of cooking, our way of life, our true north.

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